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Digital Rights Management

Ubuntu One Music Store Follows You Home

The new version of Ubuntu includes integration with the 7digital.com music store. No longer do open source users have to rely on proprietary applications like iTunes. They can now purchase good-quality music using only free software. Like most other online

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Amazon Makes Good Over Orwell Incident

Recently, I blogged about how Amazon removed certain legitimately purchased eBooks from Kindle readers. One of those books, ironically, was George Orwell’s “1984.” Today, I learned that they’re trying to make up for the incident. According to this thread, affected

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Another Look at DRM-free Media

When Apple, Amazon and others encumbered their music with DRM, it cause all sorts of mayhem. People had issues playing music on and transferring music to multiple devices, DRM servers went down, causing music to be unplayable; in some cases,

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