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Malicious Data From Trusted Companies

Last night, I received one of the typical malicious “you have a package waiting” spams to an email address that I have only used at one place–in this case DynDNS.com. It included a link inviting me to print a shipping

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The Immutable Friday Fav Five for September 23, 2011

Here are the five or more links that I found interesting for this week: This is just all kinds of awesome. It’s not that I am with the bad guys, but when they get this creative you have to give

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The Immutable Friday Fav Five

Here are the five links that I found interesting for this week: Mitigating the Apache Range Header Attack. This is a pretty good overview of several ways you can protect yourself for little to no cost. Also, see my post, Detecting

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The Immutable Friday Fav Five

One of the reasons I started this blog was to share things I had encountered in the security and privacy world. I have done quite a bit of editorializing, but not too many of the quick and useful posts. I

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Garden Security III: The Houdini Hare

Never underestimate the potential of a motivated attacker–or a hungry rabbit. Fairly confident in my beefed up garden security, I entered my garden to commune with my plants. They probably would have preferred water, but I am an earthy kind

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Garden Security II: The Bunny Breach

*(&$#@!! I stepped outside tonight to water the garden and what did I find? A fuzzy-tailed rabbit happily hanging out inside my garden–with the gate closed. My perimeter has been breached! How did he get in? I am still doing

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Beware of Payscale.com

Awhile back, I blogged about how not to handle notification of a possible breach. In that case, I began to receive spam to a very unique address only used at one place. When I attempted to report the potential breach,

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The Ethics of Publicly Disclosing Breaches

In the security research community, it is commonly held that the ethical thing to do when discovering a vulnerability is to contact the software developer. Only after a lack of response, after the vulnerability has been fixed, or after the

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An Analysis of the Analysis of the Apache.org Attack

Over at the Apache blog, you’ll find a nice and detailed incident report on the recent, successful attack on Apache.org. I thought it might be worth a few minutes to share my thoughts on their write-up. First, I would like

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A Public Lesson on How to Handle a Breach

When I first heard about this, I thought to myself, “Say it isn’t so. Tell me this is just a big misunderstanding. Tell me that my favorite place to buy cables at great prices wasn’t breached.” Alas, it seems to

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