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The Curious Case of Annie Myous

I recently received a Google Plus request from someone I didn’t know. We’ll call her Annie for now. I usually dismiss these out of hand. They are commonly spam of two types: someone using a sexy pic of a young

The Cost of Security

When I went searching for a better interest rate for my emergency fund, I ran across a bank that offered over 5%, with relatively few restrictions. I thought this might be a good bank to work with. So I set

Real Hospital Information Security

I recently had the displeasure of visiting the hospital emergency room when a family member needed some urgent care. Thankfully, everything turned out OK, so while I was sitting there waiting (and waiting.. and waiting), I had the opportunity to

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Detecting Scared Terrorists

From the “What can we do to stop terrorism, without actually addressing terrorism” department, comes the news that scientists are researching how to sniff out scared people at checkpoints. In the research, scientists discovered that they could literally detect the

Did You Just Send Your Sensitive Info In the Clear?

VoIP, or Voice Over IP is quickly usurping traditional phone lines. It’s not hard to understand why. VoIP service allows you to do things previously impossible with traditional phone service. You can use physical phones or an application on your

Another Small Step for Privacy

In the June 2009 issue of the ISSA Journal, I wrote about my experiences setting up utilities and other essential services after a cross-country move. I detailed how I was able to not disclose my social security number after only

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Hello and Welcome

Welcome to Immutable Security. It is my pleasure to begin this journey with you. As we move on, we’ll cover topics of interest to information security practitioners and those who value privacy and liberty in the information age. Why another