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Voting Without Photo ID

I successfully voted for President of the United States tonight without showing a photo ID. Perhaps some background is in order… Last year, Texas passed a law that required voters to present photo ID to vote. A federal court later

I Support George Hotz

For the past couple of weeks, I have been reading with great interest the coverage of Sony deciding to bring suit against George Hotz. George, or GeoHot, as he is known, and others like him, hacked the PS3 after Sony

How Free Do You Want to Be?

When I bought a laptop about three years ago, I booted it up, read the Windows Vista EULA and decided it wasn’t for me. A quick reboot and install of Ubuntu took care of my concerns and has served me

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The Cost of Security

When I went searching for a better interest rate for my emergency fund, I ran across a bank that offered over 5%, with relatively few restrictions. I thought this might be a good bank to work with. So I set

Amtrak (In)Security

I had the good fortune recently to take a few days off. We decided to travel to a city a few hours away by train, a method of travel that is generally comfortable and relaxing. Being a security guy, I

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Ubuntu One Music Store Follows You Home

The new version of Ubuntu includes integration with the music store. No longer do open source users have to rely on proprietary applications like iTunes. They can now purchase good-quality music using only free software. Like most other online

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Beware of Blooms Today

One of the nice things about having your own blog is that you get to warn others about companies to avoid. One such company is Blooms Today. We ordered flowers from Blooms Today quite some time ago and recently they

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Who Controls Your Phone?

My wife got an Apple iPhone over the weekend. It’s an amazing piece of technology. Apple has done a fine job adapting a traditional computer into a phone form-factor. It truly sets the bar at an entirely new level for

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Detecting Scared Terrorists

From the “What can we do to stop terrorism, without actually addressing terrorism” department, comes the news that scientists are researching how to sniff out scared people at checkpoints. In the research, scientists discovered that they could literally detect the

Four Great Online Copyright Tools

Who knew that a bunch of librarians could produce cool, online tools? Well, the folks over at the Copyright Advisory Network have done just that. Here are four tools to help you navigate the sometimes confusing and seemingly obscure US

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