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Are You Secure? Ten Signs That Your Security Program is Doing Pretty Well

Security is a process. It’s an evolving process that when mature, has certain qualities about it. Here are ten signs that your security program is at a decent point of maturity. A new critical security advisory is released and you

The OpenSSL Heartbeat Vulnerability: Forgotten Attack Vectors

The web is abuzz with reports of the OpenSSL Heartbeat vulnerability. It’s not an understatement to say that this is the most serious vulnerability to come along in several years. There are many good write-ups about it and I don’t

With Your Finger on the Trigger…

It was a pretty ordinary day. I think I was doing a review of our firewall ruleset–a decidedly monotonous but necessary task. Then in came an alert that McAfee had deleted a file on one of our workstations. That doesn’t

Malicious Data From Trusted Companies

Last night, I received one of the typical malicious “you have a package waiting” spams to an email address that I have only used at one place–in this case It included a link inviting me to print a shipping

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The Immutable Friday Fav Five for September 9, 2011

Here are the five links that I found interesting for this week: The Shadowserver foundation is comprised of a group of volunteer security professionals who gather information about Internet-based crime. One of the more interesting projects is a compilation of

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The Immutable Friday Fav Five

Here are the five links that I found interesting for this week: Mitigating the Apache Range Header Attack. This is a pretty good overview of several ways you can protect yourself for little to no cost. Also, see my post, Detecting

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The Immutable Friday Fav Five

One of the reasons I started this blog was to share things I had encountered in the security and privacy world. I have done quite a bit of editorializing, but not too many of the quick and useful posts. I

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Garden Security II: The Bunny Breach

*(&$#@!! I stepped outside tonight to water the garden and what did I find? A fuzzy-tailed rabbit happily hanging out inside my garden–with the gate closed. My perimeter has been breached! How did he get in? I am still doing

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Breaking Down the Advanced Persistent Threat

Sometime when I wasn’t paying attention, a bunch of marketing folds must have gotten together to come up with a new, catchy acronym. I imagine the meeting must have gone something like this: Joe: We’re not selling enough of our

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Beware of

Awhile back, I blogged about how not to handle notification of a possible breach. In that case, I began to receive spam to a very unique address only used at one place. When I attempted to report the potential breach,

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