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OSSEC CON 2013 Materials Available

My and my esteemed colleagues’ presentations from OSSEC CON 2013 are now available. The conference summary can be found hereĀ and my presentation can be found here. It was great meeting everyone and we had some great discussions surrounding how to

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Daniel Cid Honored by the OSSEC Community

Today, we thank Daniel Cid for creating OSSEC. Daniel has been working on OSSEC for a long time now. He started on it long before being snatched up by Third Brigade, having already put thousands of hours into the project.

2WoO Day 5: Taming File Integrity Alerts

Just the other day, someone said to me, “How do I tame syscheck? I get all of these alerts right after I patch and it just drives me nuts!” Ok, that’s not really what they said. What they said was,

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