The Curious Case of Annie Myous: Part II

In one of my recent posts, I described how I was contacted by a young lady on Google Plus, and how I was having trouble tracking down the scam. Well, now that I know for sure it’s a scammer, rather than an unfortunately lonely real person, I can reveal a few more details:

Annie Myous was my name for Victoria Mark. which is a pseudonym for some random scammer. Shortly after I accepted the request, I received a message like this in my hangout:

I would like to get to know you more better You can drop me your phone so i can text you

I wasn’t about to send my phone number, so I responded with something along the lines of “let’s just use Google hangouts.” And I received this:

Same here I am single know kids How long have you been single What is your phone so i can text you when next i am online

Hmmm. So one thing is becoming very obvious. Either Huntsville school district hasĀ a lotĀ of work to do teaching their kids proper grammar, or this is not a native English speaker. Scammers do not often have a very good command of the English language. Oh, and I never asked about kids.

I decided to see if the scammer would confirm knowing someone I made up. So I responded with this:

I see you went to Huntsville. Do you know Reg McDonald?

And what did I receive next? Nothing! Nada! It’s been four days since I sent that and I have received no reply! Am I not scam-worthy enough for you Mr. Scumbag?

Since I didn’t get very far before, I decided to Google the text of the messages I was sent. Bingo! There is some very similar sounding messages over here at Pig Busters.

At this point my feelings are hurt that I am not scam-worthy and I am bored. So goodbye, Ms. Mark. It could have been beautiful.

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