OSSEC Symposium Recap

If you missed the first OSSEC Symposium, you missed a great opportunity to meet fellow OSSEC users and developers, partake in great food and drink and immerse yourself in a day-and-a-half of pure OSSEC geekiness!

I arrived a bit early to Trend Micro’s corporate headquarters on Thursday and was warmly greeted by the receptionist, Vic and J.B. The weather was a beautiful and sunny 72 degrees and the Trend office was framed by a lovely California vista of rolling hills. We chatted casually as we dined on delicious sandwiches and waited for the Symposium to start.

J.B. led introductions and introduced presenters. My first keynote presentation (to be posted shortly) on my experiences using OSSEC was warmly received and I even managed to get a few chuckles with my airport travel shtick. :) We discussed our pain points deploying, using and administering OSSEC, and of course we had many of the same things to say. The day ended with a wonderful Italian dinner with my new friends.

On day two we started the day with breakfast and proceeded to talk about some of the larger deployments OSSEC has seen (over 4000+ hosts reporting to a single manager!) I gave a brief demo of my integration work with ELSA (to be finished shortly) and then we had some yummy Japanese food. After lunch, I had my chance to present my second keynote–my vision for OSSEC. That is to say, what I would do with the project if I had unlimited time, cooperation and talent. A central theme to my second presentation was not just technology, but how valuable and crucial the friendly community aspect is. Combine these two and you start to develop a shared vision.

The day ended with discussions on the practical aspects of how to move forward: these included bug fixes, rule tuning, agent deployment improvements and roles.

Trend has shown their renewed commitment to the project and has publicly promised to keep it free. I can only hope that we join them as community members to make OSSEC better for everyone.

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