The Immutable Friday Fav Five for September 30, 2011

Here are the five or more links that I found interesting for this week:

  • PDF-XRAY is a site where you can submit suspect PDFs for analysis. Now you can download the code behind the site and have a go at the file locally. This might be a better alternative than sending a potentially sensitive file to an unvalidated web site.
  • Are you wondering whether that weird looking exe in a startup location is malicious? Virus Total is one of my favorite sites for getting a second opinion. It will scan a file you submit with multiple AV engines and let you know what they think. A file that comes back clean is not necessarily clean, but if multiple AV engines tell you that it is infected then it probably is. Another feature, which seems to be new since my last visit, is the ability to scan a web site. It will check the index file and let you know if any obvious malware is being delivered from the site.
  • Threat Expert is a similar site to Virus Total, with the added advantage that it returns a pretty detailed report. The report tells you what the file actually attempted to do. I like to use both sites on a suspect file.
  • Feeling pretty confident in your firewall egress policy? What if I told you that systems can be controlled with ping packets, or ICMP. Ok, I’ll wait while you pick your jaw up from the ground.
  • As we become more and more of a gadget society, we’ll be running into things like this quite often. Jerome Radcliffe discovered some vulnerabilities with an insulin pump. Since the pump controls the dosage of insulin to the patient, a security vulnerability in a device like this is not just inconvenient, it can be fatal. Medtronic, the company behind the device, seems to be doing a very poor job at handling what seems to be a very honest and ethical disclosure. Information security concerns may be new to these types of devices, but we can’t let the companies PR their way around these issues. The stakes are simply too great.

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend!

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