Garden Security II: The Bunny Breach


I stepped outside tonight to water the garden and what did I find? A fuzzy-tailed rabbit happily hanging out inside my garden–with the gate closed. My perimeter has been breached!

How did he get in? I am still doing an analysis, but I believe he squeezed in below the gate. He was a small bunny and this seems like the biggest vulnerability to exploit for a critter his size.

How can I close the hole? I am still pondering this, but I am thinking of something that works kind of like tire strips, which will hopefully dissuade him from crossing the perimeter. I might also post a picture of Chuck Norris for good measure.

I thought I should post this in the interest of full disclosure. It has been a long day.

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2 comments on “Garden Security II: The Bunny Breach
  1. Seems you may need something like OpenCV or Zoneminder to catch intruders coming from your gate.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Nice… last year my neighbor found a small bunny in her garage, taking refuge. She summoned my services as soon as I got home. We were able to trap and capture it in a plastic container, and I released it in the middle of a nearby greenbelt/lawn. It looked absolutely frightened (so much so that it appeared to be frozen and barely moved). Hopefully the coyotes didn’t get to it!

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